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Security Room


Mobile Video Systems Inc. develops the Digital Eye ® line of high speed machine vision Progressive Scan cameras

Digital Eye ® releases the first 5 lane automated license plate Stop Arm ticketing system covering 5 lanes of traffic rated at 60 MPH

Digital Eye ® releases Fatigue Driving Facial Recognition with Advanced Driver Assist


Digital Eye ® releases the Rapid Deployment Digital Surveillance System for use by the DEA and Homeland Security

Digital Eye ® Fatigue Driving Facial Recognition Systems with Advanced Driver assist are deployed nationwide with some of the largest ambulance / Paratransit and trucking companies in the US

Digital Eye ® releases through the lens automatic weapon detection, handguns, rifles, knives, fighting and fire.

Digital Eye ® In-Store Video Analytics that Maximize Store Layout and Navigation, Manage store Traffic, Analyze Store Traffic 

Digital Eye ® releases an additional suite of In-Store Video Analytics

Digital Eye ® Progressive scan cameras used for high speed can and bottle error detection and automated pick and place machines

Digital Eye ® system is remotely controlled, set up in minutes  and used in situations where it is too dangerous or impossible to deploy  human assets.

Digital Eye ® weapon detection is deployed in concert venues, stadiums, businesses and law enforcement application worldwide

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