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Top View of a Shopping Mall


Shootings in shopping malls aren’t new occurrences across the country. Mall security must always be on the lookout for this possible threat. Many mall security departments review and update their security plans today to prepare for this potential event. Shopping centers should always be prepared for emergencies of any kind, individuals carrying weapons, knives, guns, rifles or fighting that can be a precursor too weapons being used and lost children.  Security experts consider retail malls as soft targets. That’s because you have an influx of people entering and exiting the mall through multiple locations. Such an environment only makes it easy for an active shooter to enter and exit the building quickly. This puts shoppers and employees at risk. It is crucial for shopping mall security departments to establish a good emergency preparedness plan at all times. 

Lost Children at Shopping Malls: There are many customers who’ll always visit the malls with family. It is normal to hear of cases of a lost child due to the large crowd at the retail malls. At the shopping mall, there are various beautiful and attractive things that can attract children’s attention. To help reduce the stress and deployment of human assets required for finding the lost children manually at a shopping mall, CCTV surveillance systems can always be a lifesaver.

Digital Eye Threat Detection® software will immediately detect anyone in view of the security cameras carrying a weapon, knife, handgun, rifle, anyone fighting, shoplifting and can quickly scan the entire mall for a missing child or adult.  This information will be immediately sent via push notification to law enforcement or mall security along with the location and a photo of the subject.  No capital equipment is required and the software can be deployed on your existing CCTV camera system depending on the server and camera resolution.

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