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Soccer Stadium


Digital Eye IoT AI ® developed an all-in-one suite for large venue surveillance events looking to give peace of mind and confidence to staff and visitors of sports arenas and sports events.


For security officers, video is a critical tool for active monitoring and investigating, enabling them to effectively secure locations remotely by watching live video feeds and deploying responders when threats are detected.


Beyond real-time surveillance , security and law  enforcement bodies use video surveillance footage to help support post-event investigations, providing video evidence to solve crimes and evaluating video intelligence from multiple sources to build cases.

An important aspect of security , surveillance still poses challenges for even the most adept officers : It’s not unlikely – while monitoring one or multiple camera feeds – for an agent to lose focusor become distracted, missing a crucial detail or object on camera as a result. Sometimes vital evidence captured on video can’t even be detected by the human eye, regardless of theattentiveness of the officer monitoring the recording or live feed.

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Another overwhelming challenge is the amount of time and manpower that must be devoted to watching video. Especially in post-event investigation, video evidence from multiple cameras, locations, and days can be collected and then reviewed.

These enormous quantities of video data translate into hours of manual review . To manage time and resources effectively, officers must limit the amount of video evidence they consider – still committing to watching hours of video footage and running the risk of missing and overlooking critical details.

Optimizing Venue Security and Public Safety with IoT AI ®

The number one priority of security professionals is keeping the individuals on-site and the perimeter safe.Integrating with conventional surveillance

cameras , Real-Time Video Analytics help security teams monitor the stadium and its surroundings more effectively and efficiently. Based on Deep Learning / AI analytics systems makes it easier for security to oversee the large venues and understand events as they unfold, zone in on any suspicious activity and respond faster to emergencies or safety threats.

When a security incident takes place, security and law enforcement can quickly search, analyze, and pinpoint people in video based on witness-provided information, such as gender, colors, facial features, clothing and sizes. 
This is especially useful for locating missing persons and 
reuniting them with their parties or investigating theft at 
the venue. IoT AI ® provides more than just 
video surveillance – it permits actionable insight for 
driving productive and proactive response when it 
matters most.

  • Intrusion detection

  • Weapon detection

  • Active shooter tracking

  • Parking area safety

  • Missing children detection

  • Fight detection

  • COVID-19 protective measures (including thermal screening, social distancing monitoring, face mask usage detection, real -time people counting and contact tracing).

  • "BOLO" Be On the Lookout for: Banned Individuals, Missing Children and Seniors

  • Ability to track individuals through large areas over multiple cameras

  • Immediate notifications at the monitoring station screen flashes red along with audio alert.

  • Alerts sent directly to Security Personnel via push notification

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