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Providing safety to students, faculty and staff is a challenging task given all the threats that need to be addressed in a school. With this in mind, we’ve developed an all-in-one solution that ticks all the boxes. So that you could be proactive, rather than reactive in situations when seconds matter.

it’s the go-to solution for schools looking to give peace of mind and confidence to their faculty, students and their partners.

Powerful features included in the solution:

• Gun detection
• Active shooter tracking in real-time
• Parking area safety
• Fight detection
• Intrusion detection
• COVID-19 protective measures (including thermal screening, social distancing monitoring,face mask usage detection, real-time people counting and contact tracing)

Equip your facility with the only IoT based Al-powered physical security solution. 

Get in touch with us today and let’s discuss how we could help upgrade your security infrastructure.

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